Women Hating Deeply And Profoundly Other Women
The Worst Of It All.

Using words such as misogyny, chauvinism, sexism, and misandry is at our fingertips. And we all know very well what they stand for. 

But I would like to know what we call women who hate – deeply and profoundly – other women.

Why do we take this form of hate as a joke or a ridiculous catfight? Or choose not to talk as much about it.

Subjects such as I hate men or I hate women are discussed repeatedly. And this is what I do as well.

However, I don’t see so many articles about women hating other women.

In the conversations around women’s empowerment, the approach is that women are not treated fair and don’t have what they want or deserve because of misogynists and chauvinists. True story. But in fact, many times, more women mock, mistreat and bully other women. 

To give you a tiny example. When I was a kid, most of the scandals started with my mother in our household. God knows I love her to death, but every time I ended up beaten and treated like crap by my father because she always had to make a drama and start a war, and I was the one ending up crying and suffering. As amazing she was and still is as a woman, she was never my close friend, never stood up for me, and we never shared girls’ secrets. Got my point?

Men and women have so much to fix and improve within their relationships. I mean, I spend my time writing and podcasting about it, like duh.

But women hating other women is so common and annoying, and many suffer from it. God knows how much I did. Both from work and personal environments. 

Perhaps that’s why there is not even a specific term allocated. And It’s time to find an appropriate name for this form of hate.

The general focus is how men hate women. Or women hate men all the time.

At the same time, many women do the same to women. 

And it does not just hate but the garbage they are throwing on others. Instead of supporting and empowering 

So far in 40 decades of life, I experienced both sides of the fence. And I have to say women hating other women is worse, maybe because I have higher expectations from them, not because they are superior but because they are my gender, and I guess I expect to see some sisterhood love and support.

Men are men. And as much as I adore them, I expect them to be more infantile and idiotic with their sexist attitude.

But damn! Chicks can be freaking crazy with their gender. 

And just like I met assholes that put me down, I had to deal with nasty jealous bitches that were even worse. 

I am pretty confident I am not the only one with something to say about this topic. 
Why Do Women Hate Deeply And Profoundly Other Women?
Profound insecurity comes from deep trauma, sometimes from abuse. Or it’s just you that you don’t have enough confidence because you choose not to trust yourself. And of course, like I like to repeat myself in many of the articles, it is easier to behave like a bitch rather than fix your issues and try to be more friendly and sympathetic.
Fear it’s insecurity’s best friend, and they will always be tight together. If you don’t trust or believe in yourself, you will always be afraid that a younger one will have more success than you, that one can be smarter and take your position at work, or the beautiful one could steal your man. 
#3 ENVY 
Because, she looks better. She is younger; she has a bigger house. She has a great husband or boyfriend and a well-paid job. And, of course, she is more accomplished and successful. 
They see other women as a threat, like they are the enemy instead of an alley. From the way her hair looks, the clothing she is wearing to what she is saying, her level of education and success to men. So these women chose to shit in their pants when someone better shows up, and instead of showing confidence, they would rather be obnoxious and behave like bitches.
Only a weak human being with low self-esteem and confidence can behave like this. I pity them because I am sure their souls must be very dark and miserable. Instead of enjoying the friendship with other women, they chose to darken their existence with despise and hostility. It must be very tough to live like this. 
What Is The Solution If You Have Hating Bitches Around You 
Honey can be the best antidote, especially when working with frustrated bitches. If they are in your circle of friends, be nice if possible; if not fuck them. Say whatever you have to say. At work, many times, we have to find ways to take it. But in our personal life, it’s easy. Bye Felicia.
Mind your own business. It’s not worth your time and energy, and ignoring it is one of the best things to protect your soul. 
They will always spread the word, and some things might turn against you. And by the way, if they gossip about everyone else to you, it is evident that they are talking shit about you behind your back. 
The world has a lot of extraordinary, self-confident, fun, friendly women. In conclusion, please don’t waste your time with the bad seed and don’t even think about trying to change them. Sure, you could have an honest conversation if the circumstance is right, but it’s their job to fix themselves. You are not their therapist

If you are an active reader of my articles, you might get the wrong impression that I have a problem with women. Not at all, and I have many girlfriends around me, and I love women just as much as I love men. And this is why it hurts my feelings when I see how insecure they can be, how low they can go, and how degrading it is what they do.

Precisely because I am myself a woman. 

What is your take on women hating other women?

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