Hi, My name is Iris

I am the creator and founder of Best Talk in Town

a platform where we make this place a better world through coaching, wellness events, and Human Design.
My clients come to me because they are in pain or looking for growth, but what I identify with in so many cases is the fear of living as their authentic selves.
And as a consequence, they are burned out, drained, and frustrated.

We are so much on fast-forward nowadays and so focused on making money, running businesses, and pleasing others that we forget about who we really are and what we want.
My mission is to help men and women navigate their lives in the right flow, in the right alignment. And this happens when we dare to live authentically without compromising who we are.

How it all started 

After four decades of experiences, trauma, mistakes, and lessons learned, I knew that is time to give back. I am a PR and Communication graduate, and for most of my life, I worked in marketing and branding and organized all types of events on three continents.

A few years ago, after a spontaneous trip to Zanzibar, I finally started doing something I always knew I would do – blogging. And that was the beginning of my journey. From blogging, the podcast Best Talk in Town was born, and shortly after, it became a dating & relationships show on TikTok airing every Tuesday at 10 pm Dubai GST.
In parallel, I started coaching people struggling to get out of their comfort zone or who faced challenges in their love life.
Soon after, I was introduced to the world of Human Design, and it was love at first sight.
Human Design is one of the self-development tools I use with many clients: individuals, families, couples, corporates, wellness centers, and schools.
My promise to you is that I will help you become the best version of yourself, not that version that people around you or society tried to make you think you should be.

A little more about me 

I am Romanian, lived for 5 years in Berlin and for the last 8 years I call Dubai home.

I am a certified coach for dating, relationships and the comfort zone, Human Design and the host of the Best Talk in Town Show. 

Last but not least I love coffee, wine, traveling, dancing salsa, spending time with my friends, working out and reading books.