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For The Love Of Men
I am a strong, confident woman and I need men

Successful women still “need” men. Our existence would not be the same without them, just like theirs without us.

It’s simple math, and there’s no room for ego here: they need us, + we need them = this is how life should flow.

I love them, I need them, and I honor and cherish them. And I couldn’t imagine my existence without men.

Supposedly you have read some of my articles already. In that case, I guess you figured by now that this is a blog where I speak to women about women. I discuss our issues and concerns, but I am 100% supporting men. And nowadays we need all of us to put double the efforts into working on our relationships because of the world we live in. 

I personally don’t appreciate the feminine voices that throw stones into men and say they are all the same – which is crap.

Yes, they can be, and there are plenty of assholes. But aren’t many of us bitches too?

Since we were born, men have played many vital roles in our lives, from father figures, brothers, bosses, male friends, and life partners. 

One of the reasons many women have such hate for them and put them all in the same pot is because of the trauma men caused them. Fair enough. But did they all do that? Did we only have to deal in our past only with the bad ones? I don’t think so.

I grew up with a possessive and aggressive father that abused me physically and mentally. He constantly repeated that I would never do anything with my life and that all I am is a piece of shit. Can’t blame him. His parents raised him like that, and he did what he thought was right. 

But on the flip side, he was a brilliant, educated, charismatic man that gave me an excellent education and made me who I am today. Our relationship improved when I stood up for myself at 16 years old and even better after leaving Romania at 29 years old. We actually became very good friends until he passed away in 2016.

He was the first man in my life.

The second man was my first boyfriend, the complete Psycho that also abused me verbally, emotionally, and physically from 19 until 27. But he gave me experience, and he also had a massive role in shaping the woman I am now.

So If you look at it, for the first 27 years of my life, I was in constant abuse by … men.

That’s a pretty long time, and when I go back in time and remember, it was not fun.

In the following years, I dealt with other shitty male figures, whether they were part of my professional (my first boss in Dubai) or personal life.

Despite all the above, and `I underline this – I had a lot of male figures in my life that made me shine bright like a F****** diamond.

From incredible caring partners, friends, family members to work colleagues, bosses, mentors, and teachers. 

I have so many examples of men that loved me, stood up for me, cheered for me, spent their time teaching me valuable lessons, respected and empowered me. 

Some helped me in tremendous ways without asking or expecting anything in return. And I am forever grateful for that. 

Clearly, I would not be where I am today without any of the men in my life. Both the ones that abused the ones that took care of me and loved me and me. 

To be honest, I think they all loved me, but some had their own sick ways of showing it. Because that’s all, they knew.

And I am ok with it. I made peace with them, with what they did, and with the past.
The Smartest Thing A Woman Can Do Is Need Men.

To clarify the title and the whole article, If I need a man, this doesn’t mean I am handicapped, or perhaps it’s a sign of weakness. Not at all. It means I am a woman, and I need male energy in my life. I am honestly not interested or have any pleasure in changing the safety switch nor dealing with the building administrator, or calling the plumber. 

Yes, yes, Yes If I have to, I will, and I can. But I don’t want to. I chose not to.

Men are not monsters but human beings who make mistakes and try to figure things out just like women. And the only way to have better relationships is to be kinder, listen and understand them more instead of always putting the same labels. 

I assume we all have different needs and expect other things from men. I need to feel safe and protected, and I need a man to hug me, to tell me that everything will be ok and that he is there for me no matter what. While I have a career, I can pay for my flight to the Bahamas or buy an expensive pair of shoes.

I need and want this in my life. It is healthy, and it makes me happy. And this is love

Whatever your needs may be, there is profound power in honoring them, all of them.

Do you need men in your life?

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