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Women Who Empower One Another
Let's get rid of that toxic competition and burry our insecurities

There is a lot of ugliness in this world, and us women not sticking for each other does not make things any prettier.I find it not sexy to look at another one with envy just because her shoes are more expensive than yours. Still, your income is three times higher than hers, or maybe you don’t work hard enough like her to afford it.Performing in a toxic environment and knowing how to have shitty girlfriends is not unfamiliar to me. With the last ones, it’s very easy to step back – Bye, Felicia.

However, when you work in a company culture that sucks, you have to take it because you need that paycheck at the end of the month, right? Or perhaps you love your job, but other “lovely” creatures are just ruining it for you.

I would love to see less envy, bitchyness, and more understanding and empathy. Sounds like La La Land, but I know it is possible.
I don’t deny competition as long as it is challenging and fair. Call me naive, but this is me.

I feel #blessed and #fortunate to be surrounded by a tribe of amazing women that I call close friends in my personal life.

I am there for them with the best that I can do, just as they are for me, from listening to holding hands during unhappy times to being there in the happiest moments in their lives. It’s healthy to have your squad and to treat the women around you right.

Together we are much stronger, much better, and we simply shine.  When it comes to a career, the game changes completely and is more painful as you have to eat the dirt from your frustrated lady boss or maybe your lady co-workers
… 9 hours every day from Sunday to Thursday, 5 days per week, 12 months per year. Yikes!

From what I have seen and been through myself when women get together – most of the time – shit hits the fan because at least one of them has to ruin it. Just because she can and because no one hugged her in her childhood years.

Nevertheless, I want to focus a little more on “toxicity” between women in the work field, and I wanted to share a short story with you.
In 2017 I joined a prestigious hospitality company based in Dubai DIFC. I had the “pleasure” to be working in a viper’s nest, and I felt the viciousness to my core. Never been surrounded by so many snakes in my life. To be fair, not all girls were like that, “only” 80%, so most of them (thank you, M. for you being one of the few nice ones there). As a matter of fact, the whole place was populated with these specimens. Not let’s help each other but let’s stab each other. Damn was such a painful experience. To understand better, at the end of the working day, I was afraid to take the elevator, and I was running on the emergency stairs. I cried in the street a few times. They humiliated me for no reason, accused me of things I didn’t do, and they trashed me because I was good.

Instead of supporting or empowering each other, it was quite the opposite in my team. Let’s break the team, make it bleed, yay!
That was probably one of the most toxic environments I ever worked in. The whole crap around it was mainly because of the women working there.

Luckily this job only lasted for three months.

But of course, I dealt with nastiness in many other jobs and other contexts such as interviews, gatherings, events, etc.

If women would stick together and be less individualistic and more confident, trust me, we would move mountains.
But instead, they choose to be led by their insecurities, jealousy, and gossip.

Oftentimes women talk about how poorly they are treated by men, but how about women at work that all they do is bully and look at other women with envy and jealousy like they are a potential enemy.
Not to mention the ones desperate to be the center of attention no matter what.

My question is: If you celebrate and support another women’s success, does that make you feel weak? Probably for some, the answer is yes.

I think it’s a shame to treat other women like this; it is a shame to treat both genders, but women between each other are even worse.
It’s time to make a change and support each other.

Here Are A Few Tips If You Happen To Be In A Horrible Working Environment Surrounded By Hormonal Women.
1. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile and start applying to other jobs. Activate your connections and start talking to people. WOM can often bring you a great job and even faster than just applying. 

2. Realistically, not everyone can just quit. We have obligations, loans, kids in school, and so on. However, seriously start considering Point 1

3. While you are still there

  • Stay away from gossip. 
  • See who your real friends are – if any. 
  • Smile and be in a good mood, basically kill them with kindness.
  • If they attack you, but you have a point, and you know you are 100% right, stand up for yourself. Like this, you will show you don’t let them step on you.
  • Try to do your job the best possible way. 
  • Don’t stay in a corner alone – just pretend like I don’t give a f*** in a nice possible way. 

To the bullies, I can only say this: relax, have some wine, get laid, go out and try some therapy and reflect on how you treat your own kind.

Have you experienced any trauma caused by other women, especially at work? 

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