What Is The Best Way To Deal With Misogyny
Understanding Men It Will Be Easier For You To Deal With Them.

I disagree with misogyny just as much as I do with misandry. And believe me, I have had to deal with shitty male figures all my life, and I am doing it today as we speak, and I am pretty sure I will have more around me until the day I die.And you know what? I don’t let myself be too affected by it. Yes, it isn’t very unpleasant, and it’s bothering me. Sometimes it’s exhausting because I have to bark back all day long. But I always stand up for myself and look at my interests.

However, the misogyny I dealt with over time also refined my personality, gave me experience, and pushed me to … women-up LOL.

It’s 2022, and we still live in a male-dominated world that frustrates many women. I know. But let’s face it, in the same 2022, we live in times when women are not sent like before in the kitchen or take care of the family. And if we are, we have the right to protest and choose not to do it.

Most of the time, most of us are encouraged to pursue the education and the career we want. To be independent, outspoken, and make a living.

As a side note, I see a lot of women, especially in Dubai, that are housewives and dedicate full-time to taking excellent care of the household. But even many of these women don’t “sleep” in the kitchen, nor their best friend is the vacuum cleaner. They manage a small business or have a part-time job to keep them busy and have some extra money in their pocket. (clapping)

Times have changed, but men are still threatened by us because, let’s face it: we are damn capable, mentally stronger, and we know how to use manipulative tools against them to get what we want. Sorry boys, but it’s true.

So what do my beloved men do when they feel threatened? They turn into chauvinistic assholes. And ATTENTION not all, but the weak ones. Because just as misandrists, misogynists are weak characters.

Strong people have enough confidence to keep it fair and behave with class.

If you noticed, misandrists and misogynists have zero class or self-confidence.

By the way, another side note 😀 I know very well there is a difference between the terms misogyny and chauvinism, at least according to the dictionary, but frankly, I don’t give a shit. It all resumes mistreating and disrespecting women at the end of the day.

This behavior comes not only because they feel insecure but also because of their manhood, because of that deep-rooted sense of patriarchy in their genes for centuries.

This shows that most men are more or less chauvinists.

But again, times have changed, and they keep changing. Women can easily have a voice, freedom, options, and we can make our own choices whenever we want. With whom we want. How we want. End of story.

I mean, look at me and what I am writing about all day long.

Men are men. And especially alpha males (my specialty lol), most of the time, they have to prove you wrong, cut you when you’re talking, not listen to you, not consider your needs and desires, and the worst of it all, not take you seriously. Because you are a woman. (Eye Roll).

They feel threatened that you’ll be better and more successful than them and surpass them professionally. Because the reality is that intellectually and mentally, we are more capable and stronger than them.

It happened to me many times, and it gave me a bitter taste and that feeling I feel pity for you my friend” – cause’… that’s all you’ve got???

From my experience, men have different ways to show their misogyny. Some do it elegantly and more mildly, and some behave like animals. They insult you and treat you like you are a piece of shit.
What Is The Best Way To Deal With Misogyny – From A Very Personal Perspective
Before I go deeper – they don’t impress me, and they don’t have an impact on me.

Sometimes they hurt me and make me cry (even me!!) whether at work or in my personal life. But I will always stand up, say what I have to say, and move on.
If they interrupt, I interrupt as well. There are other situations when I just let them talk (rolling my eyes – in my mind). I approve and do whatever the hell I have to do. Getting angry all the time will only make my blood pressure go high.

If they ignore me, I ignore them, and it’s just a job anyway.

If they are rude, I am rude as well. Or sometimes I am sweet as honey. Again depends :))

In general, I ignore a lot and as much as I can.

In a nutshell, even though sometimes I snap, most of the time I kill them with kindness 😀
If any of my friends or other men I know are like this, I don’t take them seriously and make fun of them.

If there is a conversation or a situation, I make my point and change the subject.
I don’t.

I have zero tolerance for misogyny who want to share the same bed with me every night.


I will always choose a strong character and an alpha male as a partner, but when it comes to chauvinism, please keep it low profile 🙂

The above is a very personal list and a system that I structured and improved over time. It took me 25 years if I think about it. Starting from my father to the men are nowadays in my life.

3 Reasons Why (Some) Men Are Misogynists



All the above have one common element. FEAR.

Fear is the engine that stirs all the other elements.

And when you are led by fear, you are not free.

In conclusion, it is much more complicated as a woman, and you need balls to make it simply because it is still a boy’s playground.

I dealt with this all my life. Did I give up? Never. Do I still love and support men? Yes.

How do you deal with misogyny? Share your recipe 😀

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