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7 Reasons Relationship Coaching is a Game Changer
There is no shame in asking for help

We often reach out to a therapist or a coach when we are lost, confused, and hurt. A therapist will mainly dig into your past trauma, while a coach will work more on the present and the future. But of course, there is no rule. 

Both options are good, and both will help tremendously. It all depends on your needs and personal preference. 

But since I am a certified relationship coach and my passion is to help men and women and empower them on their love journey, I will refer more to the coaching industry in this article. 

Most times, people are ashamed or afraid to ask for help. 

I was one of them. In fact, I was worse. I had a big ego, and I was judgemental. But the reality is that coaching or therapy is medicine for the soul. 

This is one of the reasons I became a coach. And for many others. Because I can help (already am) so many people on their journey and guide them on how to work on their personal development. 

During our lives, we all go through ups and downs. And I call this balance. We all secretly wish there were only ups and no downs but hey, those bad times come for a reason. And this is to make us grow, evolve, get to know ourselves better, and reach a higher level of our existence. 

Most amazing things were built during hard times when life threw challenges to us. When we were hurt and when we were in pain. 

And most of the time, this is when we feel the need to reach out to a coach. 

Working with one that you resonate with will be an enlightening experience. It was for me. As I said in a previous article, it was the best money and time ever spent. And the best investment in myself.  

Before I continue, I have to mention (again) something highly important: A coach will never fix you. This is your job. A coach will be there to give you a plan and structure. A coach will empower, guide, and support you. 

You can say it’s teamwork. But it is a lot up to you. To be successful and see change, it’s your responsibility to do your homework and continuously work on yourself with the tools and exercises you have been given. A coach can’t hold your hand forever and always be next to you. 

 7 Reasons Relationship Coaching is a Game Changer 

  1. It will make you understand that, first and foremost, you will have to work on yourself. 
  2. It will make you build or rebuild your self-love. 
  3. It will make you understand that you can’t control what is happening in the outer world but only how is your reaction to those things. 
  4. It will give you structure. 
  5. You will replace limiting beliefs and old negative patterns with healthy habits and positive affirmations. 
  6. It will help you find answers to your questions.
  7. It will give you clarity about where you are and where you are heading. 
  8. It will help you set goals and give you the tools to pursue them. 


If single 

Being single has its benefits. The energies are flowing, and there is nothing stuck or blocked. You are free to receive beautiful things at any given time. 

Being single allows you to spend more time with yourself and get to know who you are. 

When single, we take time off to find our inner peace while dating.

However, many single people feel alone and disappointed. They lack self-esteem and lack trust in finding the right partner. 

They still have questions, and there is confusion.

Working with a coach will help you establish what did you learn from your past mistake, what you should clearly not repeat, and think about what kind of partner you desire. 

If in a relationship / Marriage

 When we think about relationships, we envision the perfect partnership. Unicorns and butterflies. Or in translation: unconditional love, understanding, having great sex all the time, straightforward communication, loyalty, no fights or drama. All perfectly aligned. Utopia baby. 

The reality is that a relationship is not milk and honey, and it should not be. Unfortunately, relationships and/or marriages can be very imbalanced, dysfunctional, toxic, and painful. Or unlabeled. And being stuck in such a context can be draining and exhausting. 

That’s when couple (or single) coaching can help. 

Being aware and admitting there are issues in your partnership is the first step to having a chance to save your relationship.

Whether going through confusion, discontent, misunderstanding, lack of proper communication, not spending enough time together, or infidelity, coaching might help you a lot on this journey.

Why do I say “might .”Because, again, working with a coach is halfway. It is a lot up to you as an individual or as a couple how much you are willing to invest in your relationship 

If separated 

Being separated or divorced and back to the single universe looks scary. It’s actually a new start and a new chance to do great things. But you haven’t been single for a while now, and even the dating scene might look like the twilight zone. 

You feel heartbroken, hurt, and alone. 

Coaching will help you rediscover your lost identity, rebuild your confidence and give you hope. 


 Whether single, in a couple, married, separated or divorced, life will continuously bring us challenges we will have to deal with.

And doing this alone might be scary and overwhelming.

This is why a coach’s mission is to serve and guide you through life challenges and help you find answers to your questions, clarity, and ways to replace those limiting beliefs with healthy habits. 

This is MY MISSION. 

To empower men and women on their love journey. To empower humans to find themselves. To teach them how to find the love they deserve. To help them to be better, more successful, and more fulfilled. 

To conquer their fears, beat obstacles and create meaningful relationships. 

To be go-getters instead of being weak and finding excuses. 

 And as cliche as it sounds, there is light at the end of that dark tunnel. Always. 

Drop me a comment or an email, and let’s talk. 

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