Being stuck in a toxic relationship is exhausting. Dating became confusing and disappointing.

But there is always hope. There are so many ways to feel empowered and confident, reset your mindset and approach, change negative patterns and limiting believes into successful programs. And there are so many good men and women out there. I promise you.

Why IS IT HArd?

We live in different times. We are a different generation. Dating and relationships changed and evolved dramatically. Our values and ways of interacting and communicating also evolved, which led to challenging dating and complicated relationships between men and women.

So many of us feel insecure, hopeless, disillusioned, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, misunderstood, powerless, weak, and afraid of either breaking up or starting something new. 

You Can Change

It’s time to start investing in yourself. You have to think about who you are and what your goals are. You need to believe in your capabilities, strengthen your communication skills, work on your attitude and mindset, and become a go-getter instead of hiding behind excuses and old negative patterns. 

Nobody is perfect, and nobody has a fully accomplished life.
But the reality is that you have enough strength and resources to be the best version of yourself, whether single, coupled, or heartbroken.

I FEEL your pain

I have been there

I understand your pain and I resonate with you. I have also been there and I know so well how it is.

My mission is to serve and guide you through life challenges and help you find answers to your questions, clarity, and ways to replace those limiting beliefs with new healthy ones. 

Life does not come with an instruction manual. Us humans, just have to figure things out to move on and build a happy fulfilled existence. And sometimes it’s not easy at all. This is why I am here. To help and support you. Just as I have already helped and empowered so many people to face and conquer their fears, beat obstacles and create meaningful relationships.

And as cliche, as it sounds there is light at the end of that tunnel. Always. If it worked for me it will work for you too. Please remember that. 


  1. Identify the reasons that are keeping you away from picking the right partner. 
  2. Together we make a plan that will strengthen your abilities to find the partner you are looking for 
  3. Substitute limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and behaviors with strong affirmations and powerful positive habits and thoughts about yourself and everyone else around you.


  • You will feel happy, confident, and loved, whether single or in partnership.
  • You will not repeating the same old mistakes because you have learned your lessons.
  • You are moving on with faith and being focused on all important areas of life.
  • You will give yourself the self-respect and self love you truly deserve because only loving yourself you will teach others to love you. 

What my clients say


We are surrounded by so much confusion, desillusion, insecurity and pain. With a personalized plan you will finally know what to do.

But you are not alone on this journey. My mission is to help you achieve your personal and relationship goals. 

You can start today by scheduling a free 15 min chemistry call and we will decide together which of the below packages suits you best.

Note: If you want to book a coaching session with me and the calendar is fully booked or you prefer another timing, drop me an email at 

Single Session
A first 1:1 session is the ultimate icebreaker of getting to know each other, understanding the benefits of coaching, identifying what kind of support you need, what program fits you best, and what are the goals you want to achieve.

Let's Get Started
4 Sessions
The Starter Journey is a tailor made program strategically focused on your personal development. Whether you are single and alone, in a dysfunctional relationship or heartbroken there is always hope. Together we will develop a roadmap that will change everything.

Let's Get Started
8 Sessions
A session or two of coaching is better than nothing. It means you are aware that you need support and guidance. But going deep into the root of the problem means taking a serious commitment towards yourself. Seeing improvement and change takes some time, patience and hard work. But with self-trust, perseverance and consistency life-changing results are guaranteed.
Let's Get Started


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