The Power of Human Design

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March 5 - 2023

07.30 - 09.30 pm

Human Design
Forget about your sign, Tell me your design

Why Human Design? Because it’s the ultimate self-awareness, self-development and self-growth tool that supports you in discovering your purpose in life, understanding yourself, improving your relationships, finding the right work or partner, or even improving your health. 

Of course, you might say, “I got it, all good, no need for this,” and that’s ok. But the reality is that most of us go through life without knowing who we really are and/or what our purpose is. Our energy fields are influenced and conditioned by others around us (parents, teachers, partners etc).

We don’t trust our inner guidance, and we are fighting with the prospect of being in control of ourselves. 

And there is so much more … Therefore my goal is to introduce this fantastic system to you – a system where science meets spirituality – because it can help you understand the beauty and the power of just who you really are and where you are heading in life. 

Moreover it will help you understand how you take decisions in life, how to leverage your energy, how to interact with others and how to live more authentically. 

For more details and registrations, drop me a private message or send me an email, and we’ll take it from there –


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