The Power is Within You

What is Human Design

DUBAI HILLS Mind Body & Soul November 27 – 2022 09.00 am – 02.00 pm A holistic concept whose primary purpose is to align our mind, body, and soul. Our daily lives have become so “noisy” and “crowded” we are drowning in a never-ending routine; we almost forgot who we indeed are or what is […]

From Fear to Freedom Wellness Retreat

Fujairah Retreat

MIRAMAR HOTEL FUJAIRAH From a Human Design Perspective January 20 – 22 2023 “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself” George Bernard Shaw If you are caught up in a never-ending routine, if you are driving a busy, agitated life, or you are just bored to death because you still haven’t figured […]

Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships event

From Honey to Poison Ivy’ Secret Garden 07.00 – 09.00 PM Wednesday, August 31 2022 AED 130 (includes 1 non-alcoholic drink) How did we get there? How do we go out? How do we heal faster? Resonate with the title? Have you ever been there?  I have. Been there, done that, and I know how […]

10 Reasons Why We Ignore the Red Flags </br><span style='color: #706a6a;font-size:20px;'>So desperate to get into that relationship </span>

Why do we choose to ignore red flags

Red flags are warning signs that appear during dating, and that indicate problems, miscommunication, or challenges in the long run. Examples of dating red flags are: possessivity ghosting talking only about themselves withholding affection avoiding difficult conversations gossiping about their ex being very mysterious leaving your house after having sex playing hot and cold … […]

10 Reasons Salsa is an Addiction

10 reasons why dancing salsa is an addiction

I have been in this community since 2008 and did my first salsa steps in 2006. I have been through so much that I could write a book, but I will hold myself 😀 and keep it down to 10 reasons Salsa is or could be an addiction. After getting back together in the fall […]

Tips on How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Beautiful Self

Tips on How to Have a Great Relationship with Your Beautiful Self

Because everything starts with you Ivy’ Secret Garden 06.30 – 08.30 PM Thursday, July 28 – 2022 AED 50 min spend f you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked, try approving yourself and see what happens. – Louise L. Hay  Feeling alone, insecure, hopeless, disillusioned, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, misunderstood, powerless or weak? […]