Green flags in dating

The Importance of Green Flags
There are still good men and women out there

Through my research and from what I usually speak with people, I noticed that we mainly focus on discussing the red flags, and it’s not bad as they are annoying and bring so much drama into our lives. 

But how about the green flags that make things work and give us hope that there are still good, respectful, caring humans out there? People that care about our happiness, well-being, and how to share their love with us. 

When we say red flags, it shows how dysfunctional, messed up, and many toxic people are.

On the other hand, green flags are meant to show us that there is hope and we can still find the right partner. 

And this is why it is so important to mention and talk about them a little bit. 

It’s just like when we communicate with our better half. We shouldn’t just talk about issues or what is bothering us. But also about what makes us happy and, more importantly, the nice things they do for us. 

In a previous article, I talked about the fact that we chose to ignore the red flags instead of assessing the situation and talking to the other person. 

Below are a couple of examples that, for me personally, are very important 

  1. You can be yourself 
  2. You have fun together 
  3. Clear and honest communication 
  4. There is respect
  5. There is trust 
  6. You give each other space 
  7. You are sexually compatible 
  8. Maybe you are different, but you still have a lot of things in common 
  9. You feel safe and appreciated 
  10. You make long-term plans together 
  11. They make time for you 
  12. They validate your feelings 
  13. The expectations are clear, healthy, and realistic 
  14. Willingness to compromise and adapt here and there 
  15. They respect your boundaries 
  16. Their words, behaviors, and actions align

Therefore, if red flags are a clear indication that in the long run, the relationship there is a high chance things won’t work, green flags show you that the person you are seeing is compatible with you, and most likely, you will form a healthy bond. 

What are your green flags?

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