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Long Distance Relationships Are A Big Massive BS
There is nothing but an empty zone

There Is Nothing But An Empty Zone When Miles Away Set You Apart.

The modern digital era makes things easy, fast, and possible. We are #blessed with instant communication and so many accessible tools to make it happen. 

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that long-distance relationships are a massive BS. Especially the ones that last… “forever.” 

A long-distance relationship can only make things more challenging. 

It can work. But not for long. If it keeps going like this, where is the finish line? Who wants to live their lives away from their partner and always be separated by a screen? And you don’t need to be separated by two continents. If you are in Abu Dhabi and I am living in Dubai, this is already a long one. 

I was involved twice in this kind of arrangement. And it was fine at that time as I was younger, and it was something new to experience. One of those guys even proposed, but all we had was 2 years of being mostly away from one another, lots of fights, and not enough real time spent together. So it didn’t work out at all. 

Overall they were good and interesting experiments, even though none had a happy ending. I would not do it anymore, not by any chance. I want to have someone close to me. Feel, touch, and interact with him anytime.

The trick with a long-distance is that it can only work for a max of 2 years, in my opinion. Maybe less. If one of the sides doesn’t make a move in those two years, what is its point?

I have a few close friends who started long-distance commitments, but they moved in together in less than two years, and things are working very well for them. So starting your couple life like this is an option, but keep in mind that one of you needs to take action sooner rather than later. Literally, a move where the other one lives. Or perhaps move together somewhere else. 

It looks ok if you read the above; there is hope that things might work, blah blah.

And things could work. However, there is a dark, ugly side to these commitments, which is why I strongly believe they are a massive huge BS.

Most partners will not stay faithful. Both men and women cheat. Probably due to their nature, men will do it more. And I am not saying this in a bad way. But the reality is that men are most likely to take their pants off. Sorry guys.

Either way, it’s messed up.

Just think about it. Some couples see each other every weekend or perhaps once a month and look doable. Still, a problem if you ask me, but I’ll try to show some sympathy here. 

If the frequency is a few times a year, well, I got news for you. Someone is not keeping their clothes on. Nope. 

I Want To Relate The Story One Of My Best Friends Went Through Last Year. 

And stories like hers, there are millions. 

Carmen is a cabin crew for one of the biggest airline companies in the UAE. In 2017 on Valentine’s Day, she meets this South African guy on a flight from Paris to Abu Dhabi.

They start talking, exchanging numbers, and connecting on social media. He started chasing her and flirting with her. 

He had a girlfriend, and my friend knew, so she wanted to stay away from trouble.

The whole arrangement was so messed up from my point of view. He was living in South Africa and his girlfriend in Germany. And they were seeing each other 2 times a year. Like … wtf!

Anyway, Carmen and this guy kept talking once in a while. Two years later, she had a flight to Capetown, and accidentally he is again a passenger.

Once landing in the South African capital, he insists on having dinner with her. Eventually, she says yes. It is worth mentioning here that the woman that was a girlfriend two years before was upgraded to the fiancee level in the meantime 😀 

Unfortunately, this was the beginning of a doomed romance. They get involved in a four-month affair where he debates who to choose. Of course, in the meantime, my friend falls (what can I say – I told her not to – but we are made of feelings and emotions) for him, which only makes things more difficult. 

So the dude is having a hard time choosing between his fiancee living 5000 miles away from him and my friend who is cheating on with.

Let me make a point here. I think my friend is also guilty, and I told her she is making a mistake. But the asshole gave her hope and treated her like a girlfriend. So what can I say here because it’s so easy to judge from aside …
Eventually, Carmen gave him an ultimatum, and he chose his future wife. Should I mention that Carmen was torn and broke her heart into pieces? Ok, Let’s not talk about this part … 

Moral Of The Story And Of This Article ➝

  1. If single, stay away as much as you can from these situations. Don’t get involved, don’t even have sex or dinner. You will get burned.
  2. If you are in a long-distance relationship and want something serious with that person, make a move and put some serious work on you guys being together (physically).
  3. If you are in a long-distance relationship and you don’t know what you want or are unsure where this is heading, let the other person go. Be honest. I beg you. 

I know so many stories like what I shared in this blog post. People living away from each other label their relationships as long-distance, but hey, it’s tough so let’s have some fun! No, no, no! 

However, on the flip side, I also think that if you happen to land in such a commitment, it is not that bad as there is a chance (very small though) that things might work, + it will give you experience and a story to tell. 

Also, Only By Trying Things We Understand What We Like And What We Don’t

And What Is Beneficial For Us 

  1. You will get to test all your limits. 
  2. Test the level of your patience, endurance, tolerance, and trust.
  3. Be ok not to have sex regularly – and see how you feel about it. 
  4. Strengthen your communication skills, at least on a digital level
  5. Get ready to spend significant holidays or celebrations without him. Usually, you plan to see each other around those dates. But most times, things might not work due to many factors that will be against you.

And in general, to answer a question that many people have in mind:

How to make your long-distance relationship work? You move, and you work on your short-distance relationships 😀

Have you ever been in a long-distance commitment? Have you ever been on the other side?

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