I Find Valentine’s Day Incredibly Overrated, And This Is Why
10 Reasons Not To Celebrate.

I don’t mind adopting American holidays. I like Halloween and Thanksgiving. But Valentine’s Day, please. This one is embarrassing. Yes, I get it, we have to choose a special day to celebrate. Like there is something wrong with all the other 364.

Listen, if you and your partner have a habit of celebrating Valentine’s Day, which makes you happy, good for you. Go for it. Nothing wrong with it.

But I personally find February 14 incredibly overrated, boring, and stupid.
Here Are My 10 Reasons NOT Yo Celebrate Valentine’s Day
This is just another way to pressure the other poor person to do something nice and meaningful for you, and if he has the nerve not to do it, oh boy, we are so disappointed. I say he because usually, we women push it to the limit.

Buy me something.

Tell me that you love me.

Take me out for dinner.

You have to do something nice for me

I need to receive flowers

All these you have to, I need are nothing but useless pressure and unnecessary arguments on your relationship.
Like I was saying … so imagine that the poor smack had a horrible day. He is tired or just not in the mood, and we all have that. But no! It’s fucking Valentine’s Day, so he has to move it.
We already have so many other dates to celebrate and show our love. Anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, unions, blah blah.

How about we celebrate today or any other day and live in the now?

It makes people that are not in a relationship feel like crap because, during that day, there is no one in their lives to share all that crap with. Most don’t care, but some negatively impact them, making them feel more lonely and insecure because of this stupid commercial holiday.

Basically, it’s an anti-single celebration, and if you are not in a relationship, you suck, and you will spend the day alone. Because there is no one to show you love and the other way around … please.
You have to spend extra money, and I have to say most of the time, this silly pressure is on the guy’s shoulder because they have to show love to their better half. Otherwise, the message is they don’t love her or you are not enough.
Speaking about love, Valentine’s Day is not about that. It’s about marketing, and marketing is sales. And sales make the business go around. Which is great, but not when we are exploiting feelings and emotions.
I love pink and red, but for Valentine’s Day, it’s a time when seeing it all over makes my stomach cringe. It’s simply too much. Hearts are all over the place. Everything has been embossed or engraved with Kiss me, Love me, You are the one, I love You.
This one is the worst of it all.

Toys are called toys because they are designed for children, not adults.

Therefore, when you are a grown-ass woman, you giggle while receiving a huge monkey, a pink elephant, or a minion Jesus. You must have some childhood issues that you never fixed. I don’t even wanna mention the ones that have a collection of stuffed animals (or dolls) at home. Please grow up. Just replacing this collection with some dildos would make much more sense. lol

A day of love and … plenty of garbage.

On Valentine’s Day, we give stuffed animals, cut flowers presents wrapped in plastic, balloons, and an infinite number of objects that will remain in our environment between 100-500 years.

I don’t really care about this part, but I did some research, and here is what I found.

Every February, the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia, a festival designed to purify the city and promote wellness and fertility. Like any proper spiritual purging in the ancient world, the festival called for the sacrifice of a goat and a dog, two animals celebrated for their strong sexual instinct.

During Lupercalia, the animal sacrifices would be skinned and their hides fashioned into whips. Young women would line up for the lashings because participating in the ritual would help them become more fruitful.

Bottom line, there is nothing unique or original about this consumerist holiday. Love is misinterpreted, people are forced to buy presents and book dinner, restaurants are crowded and fully booked, traffic is insane, garbage is piling up, single people are depressed.

There is too much candy, chocolate, cake, fake smiles, all-around love, red roses, hearts. Ugh. Ah, yes, and I heard couples saying they will also have sex that night because it’s a great context. No comment here …

And the stupidest thing is when other people just wish you, without reason, Happy Valentines Day over a text. Like male friends or exes. Come one now :)))

Why would I celebrate love on Valentine’s Day when love should be celebrated every day?

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