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Why Women Need To Be Financially Independent
A man is not your financial plan - Kim Kiyosaki.

My dirty secret little thought after having a shitty week at work is that I wanna be a housewife and live at my man’s expense. Yeah, I admit it. A husband that pays the bills looks so tempting and worry-free sometimes.And as a matter of fact, women are built for that, and we could easily be housewives and dedicate our lives by successfully running a household.

Nothing wrong with that. I want to be a wife and mother someday and have my own family.

Nevertheless, I will always make my own money and be a financially independent woman. I don’t care if it is less than what he makes, but I will have my income whether I work part-time or full-time or manage a small business.

I know so many women depend on their partners. It can be ok, but how safe do you feel at the end of the day? How can you sleep at night?

Shit Can Hit The Fan At Any Given Time 

  • He can lose his job 
  • His business can be bankrupt 
  • He can have an accident and not be able to work for a long time 
  • He can die … sorry, but it’s an option 
  • He can turn into a nasty bitch and leave you for whatever reason … most of the time is for another (younger) woman 

Just Have A Holy Plan B 

  • Have a job. You don’t have to be head of your department or run a division of a multinational company. Still, you can have a decent place to work with flexible hours.
  • Find your passion and run a small business. If your yearly revenue it’s not 1M per year, it’s ok as long as there is some money getting into your pocket every month. 
  • Have your own savings. Wink. I think in a couple there should be no secrets and full transparent communication. But If something really bad happens, your well-kept savings will turn into family savings. And he will thank you for that. Another thing that you could do is invest in yourself and polish some skills by enrolling in an MBA or any other class that might be interesting for you.

Perks Of Being Active And Financially Independent 

  • Have your own money that you don’t have to ask for when you go to the salon. Asking for a few bucks every time you need to go to your many and pedi can become exhausting and embarrassing, 
  • You will be in an environment and busy with other people so when he gets home, you can talk about other things rather than how peeled the potatoes for dinner or how the delivery from Amazon was late again.
  • You’ll have your own retirement plan and other benefits. 
  • Keep your brain in continuous motion. 
  • It’s great to have your own family. I want one. But don’t forget about what you love and don’t lose your identity.
  • Be up to date with trends regarding your industry and spend less time on social media and checking what other people do.

Now I know you might come and say, My husband is so rich I have nothing to worry about for the rest of my life and in this case, I would say, Yes, but your husband could be bankrupt tomorrow.


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