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If You’re Single Stop Wasting Your Time With Cheaters
They don’t bring any value to your life

In a recently posted article, I love my girlfriend, and that’s why I am cheating on her we talked about how committed men enjoy having the best of both worlds, about how they have a lovely girlfriend or wife at home while they are out and about, living life to the fullest.

I would like to continue with another chapter related to the subject because there is another angle to explore. The other side of the fence is the single women wasting their time with cheaters. 

Personally, I am guilty as hell. I said yes a couple of times but only got burned emotionally once with the heart doctor. Otherwise, I didn’t care as I was single with no obligations or explanations to give to anyone; hence, I had my share of fun. 

One time I didn’t even know the guy was married, and he told me after I went out with him a few times. 

The issue is that some men would not even mention a tiny little aspect – that they are committed – which can only make things worse. They are scared and try to protect their family and more: they try to protect themselves. 

Should I underline that you deserve to know the truth??

Would I personally do it again? At this point in my life – no way! The last time was a few years ago. In fact, I just can’t take it anymore, and it took me a long time to reach here. And this is why I want to advise you not to do it. 

This article’s whole point shows that women are as guilty as men and have a massive contribution to the cheating situation.

Girls – there is no judging from my side. I just don’t want you to get hurt and throw away years of your time for a bastard. If it’s just fun, go for it. But again, try not to.

Let’s not forget there is another innocent woman on the other side … which next month or next year it could be you. Food for thought, right?

Why You Should Stop Wasting Your Time With Cheaters 

95% of them will not end their relationship with you. Whether they will promise you or not, the majority will have a great time with you, but they will always return to their partners. 

You don’t want to be someone’s partner someday and be in the same situation.

While you are spending your time with them, you block other potential single matches. Because you are involved, and you don’t see any other men around you. 

You will always be “the other woman,” hence not a priority but another option that he chooses to spend time with when it is convenient for him because of his “other” responsibilities. 
Accepting being the other woman is low self-esteem, value, and self-worth. You deserve to be number one.

Every time you meet, I am sure you have to hide and have your own safe spots. Safe for him, not for you. Not to mention a vacation together is out of the question.

Or any other essential celebrations will not be spent with you because he will be busy with his family. 

If he is lying to her, what are the odds that he is lying to you? Perhaps you are not even the only one he sees outside his official relationship. 

Because you are single, you will give him everything, but he will only give you half since he is not. It’s simply not fair. 

This is not love nor fair commitment. It’s usage. 

Usually, the end of these affairs it’s awful. And you will be the broken one. Just like I was with the heart doctor. 

The cheater will go back to his cozy nest, and you will end up crying for days and suffering for longer. 

3 Simple Steps To Stop Wasting Time Your With Cheaters 

Say NO
Move On 
Date Single Guys 

What A Cheater Can Bring To The Table

When we are younger, we care less and have less knowledge, experience, and empathy. And that’s ok. Because only growing we learn and we become better.

From What I Noticed, Much Younger (And Not Only) Girls Spend Their Time With These Kinds Of Men Also Because:

  1. Sex is good.
  2. Money and many other benefits
  3. Occasional good times 
  4. Connections that he can provide 

If you analyze the 4 benefits listed above, it’s not bad. I mean, you are the one who is not committed. So go for it, live your life the way you want, and don’t ever allow anyone to judge or tell you what to do. But be careful with your feelings and always think another person on the other side might get really hurt. 

Why I Am Done With Cheaters 

  1. They bore me to death with lies, excuses, and pathetic stories. How their wives don’t make them happy anymore. How they have been together for so long, and they need to spice things up (outside the relationship, of course). How they can’t get a divorce because of XYZ. Children are involved. Blah Blah Blah. Incredibly dull and pathetic. 
  2. I think more of how I could be the other woman, and it’s not a pretty picture.
  3. I don’t care about their money and connections. 
  4. If I just want sex, I know where to go. 
  5. I surround myself with energies I don’t need when I want to leave room in my life for someone honest and single like me. Hence I am wasting my time. 

I have zero regrets for what I did in my youth. And nor should you. Because we can’t change anything from the past, BUT we can control the present and the future. And me, I am so done. 

Let me know what you think 🙂

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