The Definition Of Being A True Feminist
Who Is She?.

She is sophisticated, smart, sexy, and confident. She knows how to talk and get what she wants, and she is a badass that knows her worth.She is educated and has manners. She knows when to say Fuck off and when she should better not.

She knows how to stand up and protect her rights in front of male or female threats.

In a nutshell, for me, this is the definition of being a feminist. Period.

Should I mention she is feminine and knows how to dress and take care of herself? For her, first of all. Because this is called self-worth and self-respect.

Ultimately she loves men and has a good relationship with other women. She does not see any as a potential danger.

Instead of screaming like a frustrated animal and whining:

OMG, I hate men.

Men are the worst creatures, and they are responsible for all the abuse in the world.

This world is so ugly because of all the horrible things men do.

She sits down and negotiates. She is articulate and communicates her wishes and desires. She talks about her terms. She also knows when it is smart to give up and move on. Or let it go.

She is not perfect, but bold, bright, and beautiful.

Feminism as a movement was created to liberate women and help them become more independent and have all the rights men have by birth. It took us hundreds of years to be where we are today, and it was a lot of hard work, struggle, and sacrifice of many unique, brave women.

God bless them as this is called true feminism.

I am more than grateful that I have so much freedom and independence today.

Sadly the movement took a wrong turn in the last years.

I never like to place a whole group into a category. I know there are still genuine feminists today who are working towards our best interests. They build programs that protect women from rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and more. They still militate for our rights and dedicate their existence to making things even better and smoother for us.

The real problem is that the so-called feminist’s motivation comes from profound hate for men. And instead of focusing on a good cause that could bring something valuable to the table, they would instead cultivate hatred, write books about it and instigate young girls and other women to be part of it.

They are like a dysfunctional sect that encourages other women and young girls to start a war with the opposite gender. And their primary mission is to demolish the relationships between men and women.

How about we talk more about women’s empowerment, for example? And do something about it. Because women with each other are dealing with wildly fucked up toxic relationships.

While doing my research, I was surprised to find out there is a book released in France, and it is suggestively called “I hate men.” This is not worth a penny to spend on, but hey, research is research.

The book is a vomit written by a confused, immature frustrated girl (I can’t call her a woman) – Pauline Harmanage that takes her pathetic self way too seriously. It was initially banned in France but eventually released, which is good and bad.

Good because we have to know what we’re dealing with.

Bad because it gives a very shitty example of how we should NOT be.

She is the impersonation of that kind of feminist that shows us that something clearly went wrong. Pauline is someone that tried to teach young girls that being a misandrist is healthy and necessary. And hating men is a good thing. Like WTF!

And the worst part, and I quote, Standards are very low for men and very high for women. Let’s reserve ourselves the right to be ugly, badly dressed, vulgar mean, bad-tempered, untidy, selfish, incompetent …”
My Comments Towards This Disoriented Chick:

  1. Men are not what they used to be. Nowadays, men take more care of themselves. They groom correctly, and they choose their attire carefully.
  2. So when we wash, wax, do our hair, nails, and make-up, wear fashionable clothing, do we do it exclusively for men?? How about personal hygiene??? How about for our self-worth, for God’s sake?
Let Me Enlighten The Situation. Smart, Sexy, Independent Women That Look Good Do It Because:
  1. For themselves. It is called self-respect.
  2. For other women. We LOVE to be admired and even envied by other women. Say no more!
  3. For MEN

So, Pauline, I wasted too much of my time writing about your nonsense, and in the end, I only have two words for you: GROW UP!

If we don’t need men, let’s start doing their jobs, such as plumbers, work in mines, and construction workers. And do all the jobs they do because we are STRONG; we don’t NEED them any we can do exist as a society without the male species.

Joke aside, I’m not saying that is easy for women. With all the freedom we have, it’s still much harder for us.

Is it hard to be a woman for me? Fuck yeah! I have to fight for my rights all the time. I deal with assholes and chauvinists almost every day.

But Every Morning, I Choose To
  1. Have manners and behave like an educated middle-class woman. Both in public and at home. I mean, I don’t live in a cave in the woods, right?
  2. Not to burp or fart in public like a feminist encourages us to do because … well, there is too much pressure on us (duh!)
  3. Look good. Wear high heels, dress nice, do my hair, and put on make-up when I leave the house. And be casual whenever I feel like it. And by the way, casual does not mean stinky and disgusting.
  4. Have flawless hygiene
  5. Stand up for me and go for my rights. Whether I have to deal with men or … women. Because sometimes bitches make things harder for their own gender.

Men are part of life, and even if they make things more challenging for us, oh well, it helps us grow and become stronger.

A positive attitude and filling our hearts with love will only help us win. Win for us and not against them.

This is the definition of being an authentic true feminist.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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