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Can I Find Love In Dubai?
A sad reality or we just like to find excuses?

The number of times that I heard love can’t be found in Dubai is countless. In fact, I am bored of hearing this.

I didn’t find it. Yet. But Dubai has 3.4M inhabitants, and I am only one of them, so I am not the perfect example (maybe because of my bad choices or what life had in store for me so far).

Apart from hearing that “you can’t find love in Dubai,” I was also ironically told, “What do you think you will find Prince Charming here???”. I don’t even believe in a Prince coming to my building in Barsha in a white Porsche.  Or who knows … 😛

More ironically is that I heard this from married and coupled individuals … that most of them found each other right in this city.

So if there is no love whatsoever in Dubai, like they say, what should we do? Move away? I would like to know that country or city where all men are hot and available at any time because you know me by now: I will buy a one-way ticket and move today :)))

Talking about other places, Romania is mediocre in dating, and Germany is a complete disaster. Now Dubai is a shallow place where everyone is looking just for entertainment. So other locations must be better??

Here are two main reasons I keep hearing from ex-pats – why they think it is difficult to have a serious relationship and even get married in the UAE.

  1. Dubai is a station where people are temporary passengers 

My Reply – Like any other place such as SingaporeHong Kong, or New York, Dubai has a lot of expats. In fact, here, things are a little different as there are more expats than locals (90% foreigners and 10% locals).

Most of us who move here (I am not in this category as I always said I will stay here for a long time) thinking it will be a short journey. However, we wake up one morning, and it’s been a decade long or even more. Many other nationalities, such as Arabs from the Levant, are even born and raised here.

We make a lot of friends, get stable jobs and even buy a house. Not to mention that the entertainment here is for all tastes: families, youngsters, bachelors, etc

So Dubai might be a station, but it is a very long one where guess what, people meet, date, get engaged, have relationships, and get married. Many of my friends and other people that I know met in Dubai. They fell in love here and got married. Some moved away, some stayed. But Dubai is what hooked them up.

Therefore so many of us come here and have a family, buy a house, make a lot of friends and find a partner.

So I am totally so not convinced with this point.

Only one aspect `I agree upon – UAE is not a place where you can stay forever because if you are above 60, let’s say and you don”t have a job and a visa or a family to pay for these expenses, it is very clear that you have to leave.

Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with finding love here.

  1. People in Dubai are not reliable, and they just want to have fun 

Men and even women are not serious in Dubai; they just want to party and have fun without commitment.

My Reply – If you go to any other place in this world, everyone is keen to get married and have serious relationships? Again, tell me where that place is, and I will relocate. Sounds very appealing.  LOL

Everybody wants to have fun, but we all settle down eventually, no matter where we are. Ok, DXB is an open city with plenty of entertainment options from brunches, ladies’ nights to yacht parties, private parties, and so much more.

And here is how it works: most of us, when moving here, go a little crazy and jump from one party to another. We have sleepless nights and date a lot of people without looking for a serious commitment. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you are single. It’s the Dubai mirage. But how much can you go on like this?. Trust me. It might take 2-3-4-5 years depending on each. Also depends on your age and what you want to accomplish in this city. But trust me, sooner or later, you will want to settle.

When I moved, I was going out 5 times/week in the first 3 years here. And slowly, I started to cool down. I still go out but definitely less because my priorities changed. I am also fed up with sleeping at 3-4-5 am and going to work the next morning.

By the way, another thing I constantly keep hearing is, “married people cheat more here,” and my question is: do married people only cheat in Dubai?? 

Check out this article and we can meet after for a cup of coffee and talk 😉

The above link is just an example as the internet is flooded with similar stats and facts on the topic and I didn’t really see Dubai on those lists.

If I relate to my home country for example – Romania – I bet that the adultery rate is more than 50% higher than the UAE.

Anyway, all the above are only and exclusively excuses. If Dubai is so cursed, how come so many people find love here? I didn’t, and I could be one of the naggers and say this. But I won’t because I know it’s not true.

Love just as much as hate is everywhere, from Hawaii to Rome and from Dubai to Singapore.

Globally speaking, dating and relationships are a mess because of the world we live in, the “new normal”, the destructive way we use access to information and social media because we don’t have patience and want everything NOW and FASTBecause there is no more Quality but mainly Quantity which leads to … Superficiality. 

So Dubai inhabitants, locals, or foreigners, when you say I can’t find Love in Dubai, think of how humanity changed in the last 20-30-40 years. And obviously the impact those changes had on dating and relationships.

As a closing note if you live here and you are so unhappy that there is no “love” available on the market, why don’t you move and look for it somewhere else?

My advice is: don’t chase love – wherever you are, love will always find you at the right time at the right place and this place can be anywhere in this whole wide world even Dubai.

Did you find love in Dubai?

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