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Dating A Romanian – Awesomeness At Its Best
14 traits that make us simply irresistible

Romanian women – the most beautiful creatures on planet earth, most outspoken and extroverted, elegant, stylish, savage, special. For me, we will always have that je ne sais quoi that makes us so unique.

I am not a patriot, and I am not a big fan of my country. BUT and there is a big BUT here: I am who I am only because of Romania, my roots, my friends, and the education I received from my family. 

And it is all around and about Romania.

Also, I had a bunch of strong, intelligent, educated, and independent women around me that influenced me while growing up.

Dating a Romanian girl might not be an easy game as we have strong personalities. Still, at the same time, we know how to back off, be sweet and caring and take good care of our partners.


Here Are 14 Traits Of Dating A Romanian Girl 


As I was saying, I think we have by far the most beautiful women in the world and, unfortunately, the ugliest men on the planet. Fine, I exaggerated a bit. Not on the planet, but you will often see very pretty women in a couple with a very average dude – trust me. So I always wondered how women are born such damn beauties out of this mix. It’s the mystery of genes here :))

We are an interesting and complex mix of wonderful features such as femininity, resilience, charm, class, humor, and character, making us simply irresistible.

The beauty salon culture is in our blood. We basically live at the spa, lol. Our routine starts from the head and ends up to our toes, and the list can continue. Money and time is a small price we pay if we want to look good and fresh for ourselves and our men 😉 So imagine if we take such good care of ourselves, how we take care of our partners.
Speaking of beauty, we have an exquisite taste in fashion. We like brands, but we know how to mix and match and look perfect once we are out and about, even on a lower budget. We love to go shopping, and when we go, we never forget to buy (at least a little something) for him as well.
In addition to our spa routines, we do Yoga, pilates, cross-fit, weight workouts, and anything else that will help us stay in shape and look fit, tone, and of course, fabulous.
We cook, baby. We will never leave our men starving. In our language, we have this expression saying, love goes through the stomach :)) And we don’t just cook. We can make amazing dishes coming from different areas of Romania, each having an authentic touch. And if we don’t cook, we will order and make sure he is filled and content.
Family is sacred. We are their heart and soul. For better and for worse. Until death will set us apart.
We know how to make a house a home and give it a touch of warmth, coziness, and authenticity. Not to mention that things always have to be clean, tidy, and in the most harmonious perfect order.
We don’t shy away from that when we have something to say. Basically, what you see is what you get. Completely straightforward and outspoken is good as communication is the key to every relationship.
We appreciate a real masculine man that knows how to handle us. You might think we are so independent and know so well how to manage everything by ourselves. We can do anything, but we will always appreciate a man that knows how to deal with us. And real men, they always do 😉
We are educated. We read books, study, learn languages, aim to have good jobs, make good money, and contribute to the family’s income.We are also fabulous housewives, and we can successfully run a business together with or without our partner.

I debated if I should say this, but I will as it is essential.We know how to be a lady in the street, a great cook in the kitchen, and do what we have to do when the bedroom door is closed.

You can’t just walk on us and not expect to see some teeth in return.

We are fearless, real lionesses. When our family is in danger, we show what we can, and we will never let anyone step on us or mistreat our dear ones.

We are social, we know how to party, and we can easily be the heart of any gathering. But when the curtain is down, fun is over, and we are seriously back to our family duties and responsibilities. Also, we will never put good times in front of serious priorities.

Everything I mentioned above might seem arrogant. But I know my people very well.

And because I wanna be completely transparent, I will say this as well. Every garden has its weeds, and you will find many Romanians, just like many other east-European, as gold diggers or materialistic. It’s true as most poor countries produce the easy shallow type.

Nevertheless, that does not define the majority of us.

Most of us are heaven on earth so if you are in a relationship with a Romanian, consider yourself #lucky#blessed, and #privileged.

If you are dating or married to a Romanian, I would love to hear your story 🙂 

If you are a Romanian woman and I forgot something please leave a comment.

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