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10 Ingredients That Make A Friendship Valuable
Girlfriend expectations

Every girl wants a best friend. I remember this used to be my obsession when I was little. Having a best friend was the ultimate accomplishment and the best thing that ever happened.

Growing up, the definition of “best friend” matured into having great quality people around me. Both male and female. And of course, with time, my standards became higher not only with partners but also with the girls who are part of my circle.

We think romantic partnerships with men are complicated and require hard work.

I was thinking and laughing these days on how dramatic and emotional the relationships between women can be :))

Let’s face it. The dynamic between a girl’s friendship sometimes is crazy insane.

We shouldn’t change who we are as a core to please someone else. And this is applicable in a partnership with a man or a friendship relationship with a woman.
But there has to be flexibility, understanding, and patience. And more!

Also, a relationship should be give-and-taken. Some give more, and some give less. But in the end, it is all reduced to the things we have in common and how we can support each other to make our lives easier and more beautiful while building a chain of unforgettable memories.
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Respect is, or at least it should be, the foundation of any relationship. If we expect a man to treat us with respect, we should treat a girlfriend in the same way. If this part is missing, it’s like a crack in a glass, and I don’t see much left here.

#2 FUN
Friendships should be easy-going, cool, and fun. Having a good sense of humor and taking things easier rather than being constipated makes things headache-free. I know a relationship needs depth and profundity, but we only live once and should have it balanced. Let’s enjoy life without making it more complicated than it already is.

On the other hand, many people can be easy fun to hang out with. But to find cool but reliable people, this is another story. For me, it’s very simple. If you are just there for a party, no problem, we can hang out once in a while. But I will never put you in the friendship category.

For the love of God, just tell me anything! Truth bothers anyone, including me. I might get pissed for 5 minutes, 1 hour, or three days but I will deal with it differently rather than you lying to me because lying has no excuse. So tell me anything, we will talk, find a solution if necessary and move on. And guess what, our friendship will stay.

It’s nice to know you can count on someone when upset, sad, or heartbroken. Plus, there is always the usual drama around work, other friends, other people that we know, and things constantly happening to us. Therefore having someone around to listen and give us advice over a glass of wine is always so comforting.

Be genuinely happy for my achievements and my success. Be supportive when I fail or make mistakes.
A real friend is there to take you out of trouble at 3 am on a Saturday. Luckily I always had friends like this, and I can say I am the same for them.

You don’t have to agree with everything I say or do. And the other way round. Take me as I am. Yes, there might be some things that you don’t like, and if you tell me what – as in communicating those things with me – I will do my best to work on it.
Example: I tend to make fun of my friends. Usually, it is fun, but sometimes I don’t know where to stop, and I continue making the same stupid jokes on a specific subject. More than one friend drew my attention to that this is crazy annoying at some point, and I should stop. And I did.

A good friend has the right to “slap” you once in a while if you are losing it. Sometimes, it happens to me, and I wouldn’t say I like it. But I appreciate it. As I always see things from my very personal perspective, the truth is that I might be wrong. So a friendly shake once in a while is more than welcome.

#8 UPS and DOWNS
A healthy relationship has ups and downs, and sometimes there are misunderstandings, arguments, and fights. It’s ok, as I don’t believe in just milk and honey.
As long as you communicate and try to fix the issue, there will always be a way.

Speaking about communication … how else can you solve any of the above if there is no dialogue. And if this open conversation is missing, if the other part behaves like a wall or has a big ego, well, there is nothing but a red flag.

Flirting with my boyfriend, hitting on the guy I like, making plans with my other friends that you met through me without mentioning anything, or just going behind my back with anything, these are just one step away from a breakup.
Loyalty equals honesty, and these two are the core of a true, long-lasting friendship.

I had “friends” that only used me because I had something to give, and when I didn’t, they left like I was a broken shoe.
I had girlfriends that left because they found a man and thought they didn’t need anyone else.
I had friends with a big ego and poor communication skills when we hit an argument because they were not capable of having a conversation, didn’t care, or their ego was too big.
I had friends who were bothered about something, and instead of picking up the phone and talking to me like mature adults do, they choose not to speak with me anymore.

Do I care? I do. But I learned to move on very fast as who goes out of your life leaves room for other people to come in. Perhaps better ones.

Am I perfect? Not by far. Are my friends perfect? Not a chance.
Accepting flaws and compromise is also part of the whole deal.

But one thing’s for sure: as understanding as I am with many things, I will never tolerate disrespect and betrayal.

What is it that you can’t accept from any of your girlfriends? I would love to read your comments.

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