17 Reasons Why I Love Living In Dubai
In a relationship with this beautiful city.

Sometimes I laugh, saying that Dubai and I are in a relationship.

And it was a Love at first sight kind of thing.

I chose Dxb to be my new home because it blew me away with its impressive skylines, modern architecture, lifestyle, climate, hummus :)) and most importantly, its people.

As an ex-pat girl, I have lived here for more than six years now, and I am still counting.

17 Reasons You Should Love Dubai

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Things to do in Dubai

I fell in love with this sophisticated cosmopolitan metropolis since I was based in Berlin, Germany. After I moved here, I just started to enjoy it more & more. And honestly, I don’t see myself living anywhere else in the world. At least for now.

Dubai is a bubble of luxury and benefits, something you can’t find anywhere else. Yes, it’s not perfect, and it is challenging at times but I embrace it with all my heart.

When I started this article, I put only eight points on paper and while writing, I kept adding and adding.
So Here We Go: 
1. Safety
For women and not only it’s a haven of safety. The police is very vigilant, and the rules are stringent and precise. No one will ever touch you nor harm you.

Should I mention how many times I left my house door open and forgot my phone somewhere?

A handbag without a zipper only here is possible.
2. Openness 
I like to call Dubai The Mecca of the Middle East where everybody speaks English, where you are free to wear whatever suits you, go out any time of the day or night, have some drinks at any restaurant, hotel, bar, or club. All you are asked in return is to respect their culture. Fair enough, right?
3. All Nice And Clean
It is one of the cleanest cities in the Universe—no trash on the streets, no garbage on the beach, no cigarette butts on the sidewalks.

Everything is shiny and sparkling.
4. Glam & Glitz For Girls 
Here comes the fun part. As a girl, if you are dressed up, full makeup on, and hair done in the middle of the week at 2 pm, there is nothing weird about it. There must be someplace you are going. And it makes complete sense. Lol – but true. Etiquette here is fancy. Women are all fancy, go to the salon, do their nails, go for facials and shopping. And I can relate to that as this is my east-European culture. Romanians are like that, and for this, I am proud to be one of them.
5. The People
Dubai has been a melting pot of cultures living in peace for many years now. Ex-pats are composed of all the other Arabs from the Levant (Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt) Europeans, Americans, Asians, and anyone you can think of.

All are living happily and in harmony with the Emiratis, who are called “locals” here.

By the way, locals are very cool, very open-minded, many of them studied abroad, speak very good English and we are well connected with them.
6. Arab Culture 
I have been fascinated and drawn towards it since forever. I remember I had a lot of friends in Europe from Morocco or Algeria living in Paris, plus I already knew some Arabs from Dubai due to the salsa environment. And they were my people, and always used to hang out with them and had a great time.

And realized I have so much in common with them and our cultures are closer than you think.

Sadly the image that mainstream media paints around Arabs and the Arabic culture is not a pretty one. This is not true. They are wonderful, hard-working people, with good and bad like all of us.

Why Do People Like To Live in Dubai
  1. Cuisine 

From Emirati dishes, the so popular Indian Briyani, Levantine food, Asian food- in Dubai you will have the chance to indulge in most cuisines of the world and all really really well done. Tasty, fresh, savory, and so delicious. Yum.


Dubai's Best Restaurants
  1. Professional Growth Opportunities 

We all come here with a dream and something in mind. And most of us come to work and save. Yes, we don’t pay taxes, but it’s an expensive city. However, if you keep it low, you can have a beautiful life and so many benefits.
9. Social Life 
Fabulous Dubai has something for all tastes and pockets, and it’s tailored for everyone from families with kids to couples, singles, and tourists.

Dubai is a place where there is always something you can do. From arts and culture to many attractions, brunches, ladies’ nightsclubs, and entertainment activities such as beachespoolswater parks, and so much more.

The Best Nightlife in Dubai

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  1. Never Alone 

At least I have never been. I know many ex-pats here are complaining that they are. Or that it’s difficult to make friends. I never felt this. On the contrary, in the last few years, some of my friends relocated for different reasons, got married, and even our initial group dissolved even though most of us are still in touch and I made new friends.

I am not the social butterfly that I used to be, but I still go out and meet new people, and 2020 which was a tough year for everyone, brought me three new girlfriends and many other acquaintances.

And what is very important for me: is that I have been through different difficult moments that I am talking about in another blog post – #MyDubai –  but I was never alone. There was always someone to give me a hand and support me. And some people, the ones they will always be in my heart, never left me. Because in Dubai most of us are without a family and we become family for each other. God Bless you all. That’s why Dubai is called #home
11. Medical Care
Who wants to go to the hospital? Nobody. I have only been in hospitals or clinics here a few times and luckily never for something critical, and I was like, wow! Dubai hospitals are like five ***** hotels.

The care you receive is Excellent.

I heard many people complaining about the doctors, and I believe that, but my experiences were always very good.
12. Weather 
From May until the end of September, the season is super hot and humid. Before living here, I heard people from Dubai saying, you never go out during the heat. Eh, I would say you do. We still go to the pool and the beach. But true, it’s crazy hot but bearable, especially for me because I hate cold, winter, snow, and ice.

The second part of the year is mild. The days are still sunny, and the evenings are nice and cool and a pleasure to sit outside for dinner or a shisha with your friends.

Note: January and February can be quite cold and rainy. FYI, Nights in the desert are freezing cold. Typically if you live here you don’t really go to the beach from December until the end of March and the people that you see at the beach during these months are most likely tourists coming from cold countries.
13. Entrepreneurship 
Dubai is a super entrepreneurial city that is giving this opportunity. Currently, there are thousands of startups and so many others in the making.

I know many people who came here for a job and ended up running a successful business. Including myself at some point.
14. Accommodation 
Every building has a pool and gym, Yep. How cool is that?
15. Palm Trees, Beaches, Pools, And Non-Stop Sun
When you grew up in Europe and lived there 33 years like me, you need a change. Europe is a great place to be, and the nature there is exquisite. And I know many people from Dubai miss it.

I don’t.

All I wanna see are palm trees, sunny beaches, the sea and nice pools everywhere—every single day. And to have the opportunity to drive 15 minutes to go to the beach or take an elevator to go to the pool for me is happiness.

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  1. Home Delivery 

Dubai is well known for making it comfortable for its people.

Almost every shop, store, and food chain will deliver whatever you need at your doorstep. Whether you need groceries, some snacks in the middle of the night, any kind of food or clothing items, consider it done. All is very well organized, fast and efficient.
17. Never Stop Growing 
My city is a place that never stops growing and always thrives on being better and more appealing and beautiful to its inhabitants, visitors and investors. Bravo!

Why Do You Love Dubai?

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