Does marriage bring happiness?

Does marriage bring (more) happiness?
Will a piece of paper make the difference?

I am not married and seeing how the dating scene is evolving and changing, I am not sure if this will ever happen. Unless a responsible, mature man shows up out of nowhere, then signing a piece of paper might make the difference. And still, there are no guarantees…

The truth is that I never thought that marriage could or should change things, make them better or strengthen the relationship.
On the contrary, I have seen and heard about couples that were together for many years, got married, had a show-off wedding, and after boom! In less than two years, they divorced. Kinda’ scary, huh? At least for me.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, all I saw were couples, including my parents. Most of the adults around me never got a divorce. Their marriages had ups and downs, but instead of looking for someone else, they stayed there and fixed broken pieces.

Nowadays, it is the opposite. Instead of putting in some effort to look into the issues and repair what seems to be broken, the best solution that we usually find is to look outside our gardens. Because there are so many fishes swimming in the sea. lol

For people like me, the idea of marriage became a scary thought.

Ok, let’s be honest for a minute; which woman would resist in front of her man, kneeling and putting a ring on her finger with the promise for the rest of our lives. I personally love it! I have goosebumps just thinking about it. But again … still … Is that magical moment worth it when things might not work out?

The idea of marriage as a whole sounds charming. The dating, the proposal, the wedding, the forever promises. And then what? Because so many times afterward seems like the divorce is next in line. And we are strong enough to survive divorce but do we really want that? A breakup is already tough and painful.

A divorce adds on lawyers, papers, accusations, visits to the court, and sometimes child custody.

So my question is, is it essential to sign a paper to be happy with someone and live a fulfilling life?

I read somewhere that marriage is not just a legal union but a physical, spiritual and emotional alliance as you and your spouse will now decide together and will no longer think selfishly but rather for the benefit of your family. It gives you and your partner a legitimate chance to commit to your relationship.

My answer:

So if you are not married but living together for a longer time, you are not committed enough?

For me, this is out of this world. Who writes this crap? Or who thinks like this??

I find it so sad that we hang on to marriage like it’s the ultimate guarantee that we will live happily together until death separates us.
Like signing a paper will secure the future.

To me, the value and essence of marriage have depreciated over time.
I don’t want to be a hypocrite because who knows what the future brings, and I might get married someday (very low chances, though), but for sure, this is not my ultimate goal in life.

Do you think getting married and signing a paper will improve your relationship?

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