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5 Reasons Failing is a Good Thing
Breaking apart (sometimes) is part of the journey

Failure, defeat, collapse – scary words, right? Who wants that? I used to be scared only when I was pronouncing it or thinking about it.
The older I grew, the more I understood failure is part of the journey and that there is a very specific purpose for this to happen, whether we are talking about our career, business, or personal life.

It sucks to divorce, be fired, or lose all the money you invested in the business you thought would make you a millionaire overnight, right?

But failures are lessons. Failures come into our lives for different reasons, to teach us something the hard way. Or to save us from something that does not serve us.

And as cliche as it sounds, the road to success, is not spared by failures.

5 Reasons failing is a good thing


In our rush to success, we don’t take much time to sit and assess our mistakes. Or even think we couldn’t make any. The truth is that reflecting on what we do wrong can teach us a lot.

I personally find mistakes healthy, and every time I make different ones, I pause and think about them. What did I do wrong, Why did I do it, and how can I make it right next time.

Failure teaches us to learn from our errors to avoid making the same ones the next time.
This doesn’t mean we will not make other mistakes, and the idea is not to repeat the same ones and learn our lessons.


Going through a failure is a test of your character, endurance, and how you can control your emotions. It will show you how you behave and if you let yourself fall or stand up stronger?
It’s a test of your determination that shapes your personality.

It will also make you sharpen specific skills and understand who you are and what you are not.
Failing and getting back, especially in business, means stomach and unlocking your true potential.


Your personal stories can give you a new voice and empower and help others. After all, most of our role models that have inspirational stories have been through hell, and they were down more than once.

Look at people like Mel Robbins or my favorite of all times, Oprah

Struggle makes every success story more interesting and compelling and easier to relate to for other people.


Failure creates and brings new opportunities. You might think it’s Game Over. It’s not. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter.
Have you heard about turning your cursings in your blessings?
Plus, if bad times hadn’t come, you might not have met some amazing people or got into situations that allowed you to get to know yourself better and test your limits.


Ultimately the journey you took, and you think it’s the right for you, might not be.
Failure could be a way of redirecting you on a different path and to determine you to take a different journey—a better one.

Failure is an experience and a wake-up call.
Don’t forget, one thing always leads to another, whether we speak of failure or success.
There are always new chances and new opportunities.

The best is to learn your lessons, understand your mistakes and move on. With more self-confidence and courage. Because next time for sure it will be better.

I find failure a crucial component on your way to success. Most people who eventually succeeded failed many times before getting where they aspired to be.
It’s the same in your personal life. Divorce feels like a failure on a personal level. But a closed-door will always open another one.

It is literally up to you to stand up and turn your failures into lessons and new beginnings.

Because failure is just another shot to try things once again.

What was your way of dealing with failure in the past?

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