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18 Types Of Guys I Would Never Date
And neither should you

Last month I posted 13 Types of Girls You Should Never Date. I might be a woman, but I know how my own kind can be annoying and mess things out.
But to be fair, guys also have patterns, and some of them are horrible as hell. So if you think you were gonna get away with this, not a chance, boys 😀

Read Below 18 Types Of Guys I Would Never Date.

The worst of it all. Everything you do is suspicious; he has a problem that you have male friends. If you are in the gym or anywhere else, you have to send him a selfie because he has to believe you. He always starts fights and useless conversations that last for hours.
He is unbelievably insecure, and as a result, he will make you feel the same about yourself. Because if he is low, he has to bring you to the same level. Forget about him fast!

He is not really jealous, but you guys have to do everything together, and he always has to be around. Also, if you go out with the girls, he has to be there because he has nothing better to do. Like come one, get a life, will ya’? He doesn’t have many hobbies, friends, or things outside his work.
Even at night, he has to hug you so tight that you can’t breathe. Excuse me; we need some space. Emotionally and physically. Right now!

Sadly we all like bad boys. At least until we grow a little older and realize this type is not worth pursuing. He is funny, charming, and has interesting stories. Difficult to resist. Until we get to the point of realizing that it is just a waste, we hang up on him, thinking we can change him and eventually he will fall in love with us.

The truth is that a playboy will only settle when he wants if he wants, and most of the time, on his own terms. You can cry, beg, go to church, go to tarot readers, hope and pray, ask advice from your girlfriends, but the chances for him to seriously commit with you are almost equal to zero. Have fun with him but don’t spend too much time, energy, and tears.

If you feel the slightest BO, run as fast as you can. Hygiene is a basic common sense A MUST. And to tell a guy he needs to jump in the shower when he is already supposed to know this by now, well, would be more embarrassing for you. Bye Bye!

Not a playboy, but everyone has to like him. Especially girls. Because the validation that you are giving him it’s not enough. He might not be a cheater, but being flirty is another way of disrespecting you.

Like the girls who are rude with waiters, taxi drivers, cleaners, and so on, the same rule applies to men who show no respect towards others around them.

Never! Should I say more? I was physically abused, and I stayed. The moment a guy raises his hand against you (whatever you did or did not), you will pack your stuff and get the hell out. Fast. If he does it once, he will do it twice.

He is not far away from the Stinky, perhaps a little better. Nevertheless, if his nails or hair are longer than yours, his teeth need deep cleaning, his beard looks like the amazonian forest, and his clothes make him look homeless, think about it. When you are in a couple, you reflect his appearance and the other way around.

This one has something negative to say about every aspect. He is constantly whining and nagging. Nothing is good enough; everything sucks, life is horrible. I am sorry, but seeing a man behaving like this is worse than a pussy. I had such an example. He drove me crazy with his constant whining about every single thing about him, me, and around us.
This is something that drains the other person and takes its peace away.

Like it is happening to girls, I heard (thank God never dealt with one – just heard) some guys have mods and they are PMSing. Well when you have a higher appetite than him it might be a frustrating problem.

I get it. Breakups, cheating, misleading, a shitty childhood or school bullying are tough. But this is part of life and also past tense. Take your time to grieve alone and treat the next person like a new start. No one is responsible for your past trauma. Of course, we can talk about it, but not every day. We all have luggage and past stories. I have been through this – it is incredibly dull, super annoying, and utterly exhausting.
For these guys, I can only say: Get a therapist and work on yourself and I promise you any woman will support you as well. But it is mainly your duty to move on and try to see the whole part of the glass.

Partying is awesome! And it’s great to be social and go out with your friends and meet new people. But not every single weekend or every other day or only if alcohol is around and many people.
Should I say more?

He will spend more time in the bathroom than you and have more perfumes than you have. He will always be (extra) concerned about appearance, and everything is around him and about him. Usually, when I have to be ready, I am already at the door, and he is in the shower—this one I could kill with my bare hands.

He is there, but he is not. He shows up when he wants, he replies to your messages after ages, and he disappears quickly. He always brings excuses to the table, and his life is so busy and crazy. And ideally, you should be there waiting for him :))) Very convenient … For him. I find it disrespectful, and it is obvious he has millions of other options. Please treat yourself as a priority and say Sayonara!

His socializing skills are limited. He has nothing interesting to say, and what he prefers the most is to come home after work and watch tv. He has no motivation, and putting in some efforts to take you out or do nice things is out of the question. Borrrrringgggg.

He expects you to be the perfect partner from being a lady in the street, a skilled cook in the kitchen, and slut in bed. Raise the kids, do grocery shopping, maybe fix some plugs around the house, iron his shirts JUST because he is the MAN. You guessed his involvement is minimal, and he would not even bother to say thank you. Oh, and ّI forgot you would do everything without a maid.

Well, honey, slavery was abolished in 1865, and you are not the modern Isaura. Leave him fast, and God forbid you’ll ever have kids with him!

Many of them leave their childhood nest at a late age. And even after leaving, they are still stuck to mommy’s skirt. She cooks the best food, knows how to iron, and is the only one who knows what he is allergic to; she is always there. And they have to communicate a few times a day.
He expects you to be there the same because he looks for another mommy to take care of him. This is not an independent, mature, and self-reliable individual. Grow up!

They start with subtle manipulation and raise the stakes over time. Slowly but surely that you don’t even realize it’s happening.

He knows your weaknesses, and instead of lifting you, he takes advantage and turns things in his favor by putting you down. They step on your boundaries and don’t care about your needs, wishes, or desires.
Skilled liars are experts in making you feel guilty. Nothing is ever their fault, and they are the victim.

Fortunately, emotional manipulators are easy enough to spot if you know what to look for.

Now that we are at the end of this blog post, I want to clarify something. No partnership is perfect or flawless. And you will never find someone that has it all, at least according to your standards.

There is compromise and sacrifice in every relationship. And there will always be something that you don’t like and have to cope with.

But this is very different from the above dealbreakers. And if you get annoyed and stressed by everything they do, it will only bring unnecessary tension between the two of you.

If you think I missed something, I would love to know what other types of guys are a headache to date?

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