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13 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date
Guys are not the only ones to blame

We think and say men are messed up. Maybe. But so are we. Many of us.

It’s about time to be fair and admit it is not only the guys responsible for screwing things up in a relationship.

I am myself a girl, so I could be on my gender’s side all the way. But I can’t because I have so many examples of crazy women who should be held accountable for ruining things while dating a great guy or ruining a whole relationship for so many reasons.

Here Are 13 Types Of Girls That, In My Opinion, You Should Never Date. 


Where is the money, honey?

I applaud men for being gentlemen and taking care of us. I may be independent but in an old-fashioned way.

The difference is that the gold digger does not only expect him to pay for dinner or the movie tickets. He has to pay for everything. And the only reason she is staying with him is because he pays the bills. All her bills. Otherwise, she will have to find another sugar daddy.


It’s great to be ambitious, but you have to meet halfway and compromise in a relationship. If she is the one that always has to have a point can lead to frustration and make things tense. A relationship is not a game that ends with someone always being right, and a relationship is about mutual understanding, compromise, and showing some flexibility.

It’s not a dictatorship where she always has to dominate. It might work, though, with a beta male but never with an alfa one.


She wants your friends to like her. And so do you. However, there is a fine line between being too friendly and making extra efforts to be liked and accepted. And being too flirty will only make her look bad and ruin your reputation. Be careful with this one.


She needs you to hold her hand all the time, answer all her calls and messages, and talk to her regularly. Very … regularly … 😀 There is no space, no buffer zone; everything must be done together and all the time. Utterly exhausting

She hates even you are going out with the boys, and she has an issue that you have the nerve to come back home at 3 am. While she is allowed to go out or spend some quality time for herself. But no, you have to be there right next to her.


Everyone deserves respect. I mean, she might be sweet with you. But if you see her treating waiters, cleaners, or any other people like dirt, that is a red flag, my friend. And this is a way you can see her true colors.


She is always late, changing plans, and last-minute cancellations. She forgets things and leaves the date earlier because she has something better to do. A complete waste of time. Just move on, buddy.


Possessive, over-controlling, jealous … it’s all the same, and insecurity rules them.

They think if they don’t keep an eye on you, they will lose control, and God knows what you are capable of. This is the trust they have in you and … them.

Even if you don’t give them a reason, they will ask you, “will you ever cheat on me.” LOL

She will eventually check your pockets, phone messages, email, and social media. Because for sure, there must be something. And there must be a reason to argue and blame you that allegedly you don’t care enough about her. Dump her with no regrets!


There is nothing wrong with dating an independent, successful woman.

I might be a woman, but this movement that aims to empower us and open doors took the wrong turn because women became men haters and think they all suck.

Nah, not true. Many men suck, but a lot of women do as well. And to pretend that we women are flawless and never make mistakes is so cocky and unrealistic.

She will never forget to remind you that men are the only ones responsible for all the creepiness in the universe.

Ultimately, she will never let you be the man you have to be because of her feminist convictions. Very emasculating for a guy.


Her efforts were only for the first dates, but now she is comfortable. Too comfortable. No make-up, a few extra kg plus, her hair is a mess, high-heels are long forgotten in the corner of her closet, lipstick is an old affair. If she disrespects her, it is just a matter of time to do the same thing to you, pal.


Miss over critical.

Who said only men can put women down? Oh boy! We are champions in nagging and trashing you like there’s no tomorrow. We are capable of anything.

You will never be good enough, and she will always make you feel small.

And in general, everything is crap anyway, including you. Instead of supporting you, all she does is remind you how you do everything wrong. Run fast from one like this, as her attitude and vibe will affect all areas of your life.


Girls who like to make a drama out of everything are obnoxious and annoying.

Every aspect of her life is a problem. Nothing is good enough, and her issues are above anything. Because, of course, she has plenty, and nobody understands her, not even her man. All she does is complain and talk about herself and her drama. Borrrrrring!!


I am sorry, but I will never understand what this is. I can’t have sex in the morning, I can’t have sex out of the blue, I don’t do quickies, I have to be all metally prepared, I have my period, I have a headache, I have to take 30 showers before, my hair has to be fixed.

Sometimes we are all drained, and maybe we had a bad day. Agree.

But if she always finds an excuse, you better be sure something is wrong there.


Every third sentence, she has to mention something about him. John did this, John said that John would never think like this, etc.

It’s frustrating, tiring, and disrespectful. If John did this and that and was so good at unclogging the toilet, here is the door. You are welcome to go back running to John. Bye!

If you think I missed something, I would love to know what other girls are a headache to date?

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