Small Business Female Entrepreneurs

Challenges, SOLUTIONS and Opportunities

Oh Sugar Coffee
06.00 - 08.00 PM

Friday, January 21 2022

AED 50 min spend

Small Business Female Entrepreneurs Event
Join a small, cozy and intimate networking event crafted for Dubai female entrepreneurs

We all know Dubai is a very entrepreneurial metropolis, and for a long time now, women are not afraid to start a business from scratch, come up with creative ideas, and have missions and visions and business goals to achieve. 

I planned, organized, and hosted this event as I am a small (hopefully bigger someday) female entrepreneur myself, and I had the pleasure of having seven incredible women joining me. 

We exchanged many ideas, discussed obstacles and achievements, and shared our Dubai business journey.

I don’t even know when those 2 hours flew, but everyone left with the feeling there was so much more to say.

The reality is that I am much more into organizing relationship events (men are also welcome), but we are all business owners in the end. We have a dream, a vision, and a higher purpose. 

Until next time.



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