Best Gifts For Her
A Guide To Make Gentlemen's Life Easier ... And Safer.

As lost as I am, or better said, as lost as I used to be with choosing a gift for a man, the easiest it is when it comes to my BFFs or other females.
But if it’s a piece of cake for me, it doesn’t mean it’s the same for the guys.
Therefore to make their life headache-free, I compiled a list with the best gift ideas for her.
So guys here is a Useful Guide + a BONUS TIP to make a lady happy. Whether she is your wife, girlfriend, friend, co-worker, family member, or acquaintance.
Maybe girls are not into tech, and those toys don’t impress us much. However, some of them are pretty fun, cool, and indispensable in our lives.

Looks like a difficult one, but if you live together, you can check her closet for the exact size. So dare to go on this territory, and there are plenty of options.

One of my exes gave me a classic black wallet from Pierre Cardin for my birthday. Excellent quality and big enough to put all my cards, money, and even more. Still using it even today. Definitely something worth buying for a birthday, Christmas, or celebration.

So many fragrances and scents out there, and she could be into florals and hate the sweet ones. Again check what she is using if she is your partner or just ask advice from her closest friends.


Jewelry can also be a matter of taste. For example, I don’t wear any more silver or white gold. Either way, go with brands like PandoraSwarovski, or if you can afford Tiffany, Gold and Diamond Park also has plenty of shops with lovely pieces, and the prices are affordable.

Not something most men would dare to purchase. My tip is to go to a place like Sephora, and there are plenty of stylists ready to help. Show them a picture of her so they can see the skin tone. And they will assist you in choosing the best makeup kit for her.

My advice is to go for body care. A much safer choice. We tolerate and like most fragrances and textures as long as it’s good quality.

At first glance, this would not be the ideal gift, especially for a birthday. However, from what I noticed this year, women went crazy with this innovative healthy kitchen tool, so why not give it a try.

Simple. We all use a straightener or a curler. So you can’t fail with this.


You can never go wrong offering her a day of pampering. Since I live in Dubai, I haven’t been to many salons as The Cure hooked me since 2015, and I have been their customer ever since. They offer exquisite treatments, use high-quality products, and excellent service. My monthly treatments are body relaxing massage, facial massage, and pedicure.

Everyone gets a free foot/arm massage and a 5 min back massage at the end for the pedicure and manicure.

We are all obsessed with candles. And the stronger the scent, the better.

I think I receive pajamas every year from my mom. But If it comes from a guy, why not? I would like that.


No, she will not get upset thinking, “he must think I look bad and old”. These gadgets are for all skin types and ages, and the idea is not to fix but to maintain.

We love plants and more we like taking care of them. They change the whole vibe of the house. So you can never go wrong with a nice plant

Girls like to plan and be organized, and cute planners do the job.

There is no secret. We are so much into spirituality. I received a deck of motivational cards for my birthday, and trust me, I draw a card almost every morning to set the day.

17. TEA 
I am not a tea fan unless I am very sick or freezing outside, but most girls I know have it regularly. Therefore a Tea Box from Clarity Tea might be an interesting idea. Brings it to a higher level, almost like a tea ceremony.

Since I am a woman, I can tell you that most of the above would make me very happy with a small side note. The air fryer and the pajamas will work more if it is an occasion such as Christmas, not a birthday.

Also, gentlemen, another piece of friendly advice don’t try to be too practical and buy a vacuum or a cooking kit for her birthday. Nope just listen to me, don’t. The air fryer works for Christmas more, and it’s an exception as women went crazy for it this year.

TIP – ask a girlfriend

So all the ideas I gave you are my preferred choices, and I encourage you to go for them. You won’t fail.

Before I end, I would like to make a last side note and give you a BONUS TIP – If for whatever reason, none of the items listed above won’t work, you still have an option that will save your life BIG time! ⇾ Buy her any card from the stores that have gift cards. (and nowadays most stores do even the online ones). All you have to do is go to the store, charge it, and voila. Trust me, in the worst-case scenario, this will be your safety net. And the more generous you are with the gift card value, the bigger her smile will be 🙂

Good luck & Happy Shopping!

Ladies, any other suggestions you would like to make?

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