A Dubai Girl’s Digital Diary
The End Of Another 365 Days And Nights.

Every once in a while it is good to pause and reflect, and that’s what I do. At the end of another cycle, after another 365 days and nights, after 160 blogging days, 32 articles, 57,354 words and a first hate comment (yay!!); since I started a Dubai Girl’s Digital Diary, I would like to say Thank you. I created this journal out of a desire for self-expression and because I think we all have to use our creativity in one way or another. Or maybe we don’t. But for sure, we can.

A Dubai Girl’s Digital Diary is my tool that supports the way I express myself and allows me to open a window to communicate my ideas, personal thoughts and share my advice with the world.

It’s one of the things that makes me the happiest these days as I feel like a conductor running its own orchestra. All on my own terms. And the most beautiful part is that I can share my wisdom, thoughts, experience, and most importantly, helpful advice with many other humans struggling with uncertainty and having questions and doubts about love, dating, relationships, and many other personal matters.

I was one of these humans. Still am in certain ways as life is a never-ending learning path. But at this point in life, I can use what I learned to help and support others, just like my mentors did for me.

Regarding my platform – Pretty Little Pearls – I believe passion itself is not enough to sustain a dream or a goal. But paired with a consistent routine, holy perseverance, motivation, and daily hard work will only push for magic to happen.

For me, it was finally high time to do something that I knew all my life I would have to do. Only now was the right moment, not a minute, not a second before.

If done before, it would have been wrong, and there would have been no consistency and not enough excitement.

All this being said, I am incredibly fortunate that out of these 365 days, 2021 gave me 160 I spent on building up and running this blog that I know will turn into a podcast, platform, a movement or will lead me to write the book that I want to write for many years. Or who knows, all together under one umbrella: Pretty Little Pearls – A Dubai Girl’s Digital Diary.

Of course, some things didn’t go my way or there were moments that drove me crazy in 2021.
But Overall, It Was A Good Year With 3 Significant Achievements

  1. My Rhinoplasty In Dubai
  2. My Zanzibar Trip With Salma
  3. Pretty Little Pearls – A Dubai Girl’s Digital Diary Was Finally Launched.

And one thing is clear. I could not be where I am only because I work hard or ask the divine to give me XYZ (trust me, I ask for many things :D).

At the end of 2021, I heard and read everywhere that it’s time to be more real and authentic. 100% true, and most probably, I will release an article any time soon discussing this topic. But I think it’s also time to be more thankful as gratitude is the foundation of all we ask, and it makes us healthier, happier and turns us into better persons.

Our existence is not just about taking but also about giving back 🙂
I am here because I am grateful for what I have around me.
My Family’s Love
My Friends’ Support
My Work Achievements And Wonderful Colleagues
Lucy, My Cat Who As Much As She Pisses Me Off As Much I Love Her
Health & Energy
The Fact That I Can See The Sun Shining Every Single Day
God’s Protection Over Me
The Money That I Make
My Lovely Apartment
Me As Being Who I Am
4 Easy Ways How To Show Appreciation For All The Beautiful Things You Have Around You
You don’t have to be a religious fanatic or go to church every Sunday. Not at all. But taking time once a month to go and connect with the divine is powerful and mind-calming. Or just close your eyes and say a prayer when you are alone. Don’t forget to always be thankful for what God gives you every day, even the water you are drinking or the roof you have on top of your head.

Like praying, visualization is a tool where we ask for many things because we want to be more fulfilled and successful. But even when you visualize, keep in mind that you have to start thinking first. For everything that makes your life shine. Don’t forget the small things. They matter too 😉


Giving back should not be an overwhelming feeling that you have to be, even to anyone that did something nice for you or helped you when times were tough.

Giving back means you are not just a taker. And it means you care.

It should come from your heart. Do it with joy and pleasure.


By helping others, you show that you care for other people out of your circle, such as helping someone in need or giving away charity assets that are not valuable to you anymore.

It’s always nice to think that many people on this planet don’t have even 1% of what you do. So sharing some of yours with them is more than beautiful.


Create the habit of handwriting. Do it at least once in a while, expressing your desires and what you want to achieve short and/or long term.

Start by writing all the thanks you want to give back for all the blessings you are surrounded with.

Being grateful does not take a whole lot of your time. But it is a vital chapter of your rituals and how you lead your daily life. If you just ask, it’s selfish, careless, and shallow.
I Dedicate This Page Of My Diary To Say Thank You.

  1. To all my wonderful friends that are always next to me and support me no matter what. 
  2. To my family that always encouraged and loved me unconditionally.
  3. To everyone around me that supported this blog. If you took 2 seconds of your time to like a post on social media, 2 minutes to spread the word, or 5 minutes to read an article, it means tremendous help. Even if it’s only 20 of you at this moment, I am grateful. Because of you, soon, there will be millions that will let themselves be inspired by this journey that tells the story of a Dubai Girl’s Digital Diary. 
  4. To the ones who criticized me and those who will do it in the long run. Thank you, it helps. Because without a doubt, disapproval is part of the journey. 
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