17 Travel Essentials I Never Forget To Pack
How to travel smart.

I don’t know about you, but I love traveling, and I like to be on a plane. I want to disconnect for a few hours from the outer world, have my phones on flight mode and connect with my thoughts, watch movies, read a good book, or work on my blog.
I traveled much less lately due to Covid. Before Covid, I was in a challenging situation with my finances. Still, when I moved to Dubai and back when I was living in Europe, I was always on a flight for work or vacation.
Do I like packing? Eh, not really. I always found unpacking easier as half of it goes straight to the laundry bag and everything else I know quickly where to put back.
But packing requires some planning, and it is always difficult as you have to consider a bunch of items such as make-up, cosmetics, jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, clothing, and the list can go on and on.
Thinking about it, I identified on my to-do list 17 travel essentials essential items that I never forget to pack:
1. Passport
Your nr 1 item as I will not be able to travel too far without any of them. Lol. That’s why, when I start packing the passport is the first thing that comes to my mind.

2.First Aid Travel Kit
You never know when disaster might strike during your travels.
The funny thing is that no matter what I have with me, 1 out of 3 trips, I will still have to look for a pharmacy.
In Zanzibar, for example, I had an issue with my left eye from the AC, and of course, the only thing missing was the eye drops … ughhh
But hey, this is not an excuse not to have a basic medical kit with me.

3.Air Pods
Having a cool playlist on your phone it’s always a good idea.

4.Ear Plugs
If you are a frequent traveler, you should know how stressful, tiring and loud it can be. You can’t control so many things while you travel, but blocking noise is something you actually can.
Make sure you purchase a pair of good ones rather than the cheapest to block out nearly all unwanted noises.

5.Travel Neck Pillow
This one is a total must and on top of my list especially for night or super early flights.

Yeah as weird as it sounds (lol) I was using hand sanitizer before 2020. It is called basic hygiene 🙂

7.Wet Wipes
I always carry wet wipes in my hand luggage. Unfortunately, getting sick is a possibility, so I might use them to wipe any surfaces that might need disinfecting before interacting with them. I am not obsessed, but in airplanes and airports, literally millions of people touch everything.

8. Sleep Mask
I am not a light sleeper, but it might be a good idea if I have a night flight. Or, when sleeping in a hotel, they might not have those thick curtains. So they’re convenient to have in my hand luggage for a bit of shut-eye.

9.Something To Keep Me Warm
Most of the time, it is freezing cold on the plane, even if it’s summertime, so you need something to keep you warm. Whether it’s a sweater, hoody, or jacket, I have one in my hand luggage most of the time.

10. Mini Toiletry Kit
I always have a small pouch in my bag with a few items, including lipstick, gum, and perfume, so I can quickly freshen up anytime.

11. Travel Adapter
Depending on where you are traveling, the chances that you might need a travel adaptor are very high. Sometimes the hotel reception can provide you with one but don’t count on that. It is a small long-term investment that will save you a lot of trouble. I will never forget this one.

12. Hydrating Cream
When I’m flying, I travel with a moisturizer. The air on planes can get really dry, and cream keeps both my skin and lips from drying out, too.

13. Water Bottle
Looks like hydration is the name of the game here. Yes, lips, hands, skin, everything.

14. Chargers
More than essential as we leave and breathe through our mobiles/laptops/tablets.

15. Healthy Snacks
I am not a big fan of plane food. Whenever I travel, I might be far away from a supermarket or simply not find the healthy snacks that I usually eat. So it’s also good for me to have some.

16.My MacBook
When I travel for vacation, I try to avoid taking my laptop with me as I need rest, and I am trying to stay away from my routines for a change. However, lately, I write more for my blog, plus due to Covid if God forbid I get stuck somewhere, I will need my laptop to work.

How could I leave without my sunnies? Even if it’s winter I will have them packed in my carry-on just in case.
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