A man should always be a gentleman not only while dating, in a relationship, engaged, or married for a long time. Every woman must be treated with care, respect, and consideration.

Standards are guidelines of what we like and don’t, of what we tolerate and what we can’t accept. Showing that we have standards means that we first respect ourselves and that we are worthy of care, love, and ultimately respect.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. The problem is that the communication is not always effective in a couple, or sometimes it does not even happen. Besides communication, many other factors can make a partnership challenging. Choosing to go for counseling will give them more clarity and guidance and help them find answers and solutions.

Take a break for a while and don’t get frustrated or put too much pressure on your shoulders. Anyway, don’t give up. Keep dating. The right person will show up at the right time. You need to have patience, think positive, and be consistent.

Unlabeled relationships are super frustrating, especially for women. In these cases, the best is to have an open, honest conversation with the other and see if it is worth continuing. Better close a door, as painful as it is, because many others will open, and you will allow new opportunities to enter your life.

A relationship coach can support couples and singles in their journey. It will guide and give you the right tools and support to overcome the obstacles in your personal life.

Booking coaching sessions is an investment in you. Because together, you will build trust and a partnership. A coach will provide the right tools and exercises, listen to your pain, and guide you to heal faster and become a better individual—a better individual first of all, for you. 

A good coach will start with you. Yes, that’s right. First, you will work on your relationship with your own beautiful self.

This step is fundamental because if you don’t treat yourself with love, care, and respect, having meaningful life relationships will always be a challenge. Moving on, you will continue working on improving your love life.

Yes. Connecting with the right life/relationship/dating coach can be life-changing. You will build trust and a connection that will guide you and help you navigate your challenges.

Your coach is your partner in crime, and together you are a team. However, a coach or a mentor can’t hold your hand at all times. In the end, we are mature adults. A coach will support, give guidance and empower you. But it is also up to you how much you want to work on yourself and invest in your daily “homework.” Having the ability to manage your own self and put in consistent efforts is vital in your healing process.

Move on and stop texting him. When a man is interested, he knows where and how to find you. No doubt about that. So if he doesn’t reply to your messages, don’t think about it much. Live your life and let it go. The right people will always find their way into your life just as the wrong ones will go out.